venerdì 7 maggio 2010


This pair of shoes is a tribute to one of the most glamourous and fascinating women in the history: Queen Marie Antoinette. In the Christian Louboutin's collection is present "le luxe et la beauté de la mode de Versailles" with precious materials.

Christian Louboutin writes: "Please be the first in the US to preview the exclusive, limited edition Marie Antoinette capsule collection. They are the result of a collaboration with the world renowned embroiderers, Jean Francois Lesage. Each shoe is a work of art, an exquisite blend of sculpture and fine embroidery in a wearable, evening silhouette. There are only 36 pair that exist in the world, and each shoe is stamped with a limited edition number. Each pair will be sold in a specially created box, with accompagnying book."

These shoes are simply awesome... awesome things. They are not for all, obviously, beacuse these pair of shoes costs $6295 - £3975.

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