domenica 9 maggio 2010


These are two creation of Gucci:

This is me... Unfortunately I'm not like Gucci's models.

What do you think about it?... I love this jacket, it is a vintage jacket of Marzotto textile group. I have many of these jackets in different colours: grey, dark blue, black... My grandfather gave them to me.
Frida Giannini, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Versace and Hermés are my favourite fashion designers for the colours, shapes, materials and fabrics that they use.

Frida Giannini:

Marc Jacobs:

Tom Ford:

Donatella Versace:

sabato 8 maggio 2010


Some male models:

Trench is a special raincoat with belt, made on the model of the English armed forces. His name comes from "trench coat". It has a lot of characteristics like: shoulder pads, double-breasted, chin-strap, belt. It is realized in gabardine textile traditionally in kaki colour, today is realized in more colours like dark blue, black, grey and silver. It can be weared on a jacket or blazer or gilet.
It has born in 1901 when the Minister of War asked to the Burberry's factory a raincoat with some militar features. Burberry produces trench and raincoats from 1856.

Some female models:

venerdì 7 maggio 2010


This pair of shoes is a tribute to one of the most glamourous and fascinating women in the history: Queen Marie Antoinette. In the Christian Louboutin's collection is present "le luxe et la beauté de la mode de Versailles" with precious materials.

Christian Louboutin writes: "Please be the first in the US to preview the exclusive, limited edition Marie Antoinette capsule collection. They are the result of a collaboration with the world renowned embroiderers, Jean Francois Lesage. Each shoe is a work of art, an exquisite blend of sculpture and fine embroidery in a wearable, evening silhouette. There are only 36 pair that exist in the world, and each shoe is stamped with a limited edition number. Each pair will be sold in a specially created box, with accompagnying book."

These shoes are simply awesome... awesome things. They are not for all, obviously, beacuse these pair of shoes costs $6295 - £3975.